A complete list of all Removed Functionalities, Actions & Filters with the release of WPEP 1.11.

With the release of WPEP 1.11 some functionalities, actions and filters are no longer available. Here you can find a list of everything that has been removed:

  • Medium Editor Option has been removed. This was an alpha stage feature that aimed to help with Gutenberg compatibility in case TinyMCE (the editor you’re used to) was removed.
  • The WPEP Image Widget has been removed since WordPress introduced it’s own in its 4.9 version.
  • The Course Layout Option has been removed. All Course Types can now be embed using a shortcode.

For developers:

  • Deprecated Index Page Link Filters : wpep_text_view_course
  • Removed Deprecated WPEP_profile (since 1.7). Use wpep_profile instead
  • Removed Deprecated WPEP_profile_authentication (since 1.7). Use wpep_profile_authentication instead
  • Removed Deprecated WPEP_index (since 1.7). Use wpep_index instead
  • Removed Deprecated WPEP_course (since 1.7). Use wpep_course instead
  • Removed wpep_administration_platform_health_rewrite_rules_post_types filter
  • Renamed wpep_weekly_cron to wpep_cron_weekly
  • Removed the wpep_primary_content_grid_courses_list action in favor of keeping it in the template.
  • Removed the wpep_search_content function
  • Removed the wpep_search_courses function
  • Removed the wpep_content_primary_video_post_type_content function
  • Removed the wpep_single_content_course_ignore_delivery filter
  • Filter wpep_single_content_coordinator_object renamed to wpep_course_type_coordinator
  • New Filter: wpep_course_single_content_section_content
  • setup-rewrite-rules-flushed has been renamed to configuration-setup-rules-flushed
  • The Secondary Content Types concept has been introduced.
  • Secondary Content Types are Admin URL Settings Friendly
  • Secondary Content Types are Search Friendly
  • Removed EBook, Offer, Video Admin Coordinators. Metabox Filters are still available.
  • Removed the functions from WPEP\Coordinator\Content : get_videos, query_args_videos, get_ebooks, query_args_ebooks, get_offers, query_args_offers
  • New Filter for Links in the Index Page: wpep_primary_content_item_link
  • Removed Index Page Link Filters: wpep_video_link, wpep_offer_link, wpep_ebook_link, wpep_course_link
  • Index Page New Filter for Link Text: wpep_primary_content_item_link_title
  • Removed Index Page Link Filters: wpep_text_view_video, wpep_text_download_ebook, wpep_text_view_offer
  • Removed Tax Meta Class
  • New Action: wpep_administration_course_builder_presentation_before & wpep_administration_course_builder_presentation_after
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