Alternative Uses for the Video Course Type

The Video Course Type is very versatile and there is a lot you can achieve with it! Check out the use case examples below and get inspired!

Video Course for Testimonials

Do you have great video testimonials from students you’d like to display on your site?

Video courses are just perfect for that!

Separate the best testimonials you have, create a video course and add each testimonial as a lesson! Make sure to set the course to read only and display the result on your website!

Video Course for Internal Training

Do you have teachers/coaches joining you in your platform to help out with courses?

Why not record a walkthrough the platform and how you have it set up and make it easy for them to get ramped up and ready to start?

You can easily do that using a video course. It is easy to set up and it will make it as easy as possible to train your teachers/coaches!

Short Interviews

A great way to add extra value to a course is to have short interviews with experts that can provide helpful knowledge.

An excellent way to use video courses is to share that knowledge 🙂

Once you have your series of short interviews recorded, use a video course to spread the word! You can even add downloadables and notes to make it even more valuable!

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