How to Give Access to a Single Lesson Within a Course

You may want to give your students access to a single lesson within a course and also give them the option to buy individual lessons as separate products or buy the complete course.

In order to achieve that, you can create multiple one-off courses (one for each lesson) that sell separately. You can learn more about one-off courses here.

Once you have created the one-off courses containing the lessons, you can embed them into an Execution Plan following these steps:

  1. Start creating a new course in WPEP.
  2. Navigate to the Build tab.
  3. In each lesson, open the lesson editor clicking the eye icon.
  4. Click the WPEP icon in the editor and chose Course Embed.
  5. Chose the One-Off course you’d like to embed into that lesson from the drop-down.
  6. Once your course is ready, publish!

Students who buy the whole course get the Execution Plan, while students who want to buy individual lessons can do so buying the one-off courses separately.

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