How to setup a Left or Right Sidebar Index Page

You can add a left or right sidebar to your index page and change its layout!

If you add a left sidebar to your index page, here is what it’ll look like:

To set up your left or right sidebar:

Step 1:

Navigate to the page where you have your Index Page Setup.

Step 2:

Click the WPEP Shortcode icon and select the Index Page shortcode from the drop-down. This will open the Visual Editor.

Step 3:

Scroll down to Layout and choose Right Sidebar Navigation or Left Sidebar Navigation. The Visual Editor will show you a preview of your new Index Page layout before you save any changes.

You can also use it to have third level categories show in the presentation card. In order to enable that, follow these steps:

1. In WordPress, go to WPEP -> Settings.

2. Select Content Options under General.

3. Make sure to check the Presentation Card Labels under Categories Options.

4. Click Save Changes.

Learn how to categorize your Content with WPEP

To know more about WPEP’s Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

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