How to setup an eLearning Membership Site with a Free and any number of Paid Memberships.

There are two types of memberships that you can consider – Free and Paid. 

One of the most important decisions to first make, is how you wish to ‘protect’ your courses in your WPEP learning platform.  This can be achieved with the Sales Engine, or with any one of the membership plugins WPEP integrates with, some examples are:

  • Memberium
  • Membermouse
  • S2Member Pro
  • Wishlist
  • Woocommerce

Once you have decided which option is correct for your needs it is time to create your desired membership options.

To create a FREE ‘membership’ follow these steps.

Step 1: Create the products [courses e-books, videos etc.] in WPEP.

Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’ set your Authorization Option to “Users are not required to login in order to access WPEP Content.

This is to enable the material that you create with WPEP to be visible to your visitors.

Step 3: Create a Landing page for this particular free membership, using the Short Code Builder. When creating the short code in the ‘Display Restriction’ select ‘Require Access’

This will force users who are not logged in or not yet registered to either login in or register to see the content.

Step 4: Create a WordPress Page on your site showing potential new members the different options of membership you have.

Step 5: Create a ‘Course’ calling it your memberships chosen name.

You will not put any content in this course, you are essentially building a course card only. Under the Present Tab scroll down to ‘Button Settings’ in the ‘Custom URL’.  The Custom URL you choose will be the Page you created above which is home to the Free Membership Content, built with the short code.

Because when you built this short code, you selected ‘Require Access’ individuals will have to register to view this material.

Something to Consider

Consider using Ribbon Text to let users know that the material is freely available. This is done when building your course in the ‘Present’ tab.

To Create a Paid Membership follow the steps outlined in this document.

How to create a membership using the sales engine

Create a Membership Upgrade Sequence

If you have more than one paid level of membership available, you can set up a Membership Upgrade Sequence using Sales Engine, which you can have appear on your students Learner Profile page.

To achieve this, follow the steps outlined in the document: Create Membership Upgrade Sequence using WPEP Sales Engine.

This membership upgrade sequence will not include your FREE Membership Option.  However, you can create a Custom Tab on your Learn Profile Page to show this ‘membership’.

Something to Consider

I would also suggest creating a custom tab for the Users Profile Page, that will link to your Membership Page, so any of your users can explore the option directly from their profile.

Now, putting it all together.

From the steps above, you have already created a WordPress Page on your site showing potential new members the different options of membership you have.  This should now include ALL your options.


  1. Free
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold

You can build this page using the short code builder, where you simply select each membership you want, or you can create it however you would like it presented using whatever page builder method you usually use.

Each ‘Button’ for your membership options will link to that specific membership content/sales option.

Something Else to Consider.

Because you have people registering on your system, you are gathering their e-mails.  You can locate all this information in the Statistics Area.  Visit ‘The General Activity Report Explained’ to learn more.

From here, you can export your students information and import it to your autoresponder of choice, for your communication purposes.


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