How to Use the Notification Shortcode

Add 5 Different Types of Notifications to your WPEP content by using the Notification shortcode.

To use the shortcode, navigate to the course or page where you’d like to add it and follow these steps:

Click on the WPEP icon in the editor and go to Elements -> Notification.

As you click on ‘Notification’, a new window will pop up where you can set the following shortcode options:

1.: Shortcode

As you’re building your shortcode and keep configuring, it this is where it’ll be displayed.

2.: Use Shortcode

Click the button to insert the shortcode in the editor.

3.: Content

Insert the Notification Text.

4.: Type

Select the type of Notification you’d like to insert.

All you need to do is to go through all the options and, as you do, you’ll see your Shortcode take shape.

When you’re done, just click on “Use ShortCode” and it will be inserted in the editor for you to use!

To know more about WPEP’s Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

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