How to Use the Assessment Embed Shortcode

The Assessment Embed Shortcode allows you to easily embed an assessment you’ve created into any page or Personalized Learning Module Tab on your elearning Platform.

You can also use any page builder for WordPress, for example, insert the Shortcode and  add Page Builder Elements around the assessment.

Learn More about the WPEP Assessment Content Type Here.

The shortcode will embed the entire assessment journey (welcome page, the assessment itself, assessement success page) and users can navigate between these pages with no page refresh required.

To use the assessment embed shortcode, follow the steps below.

1: Navigate to the page where you’d like to embed the assessment.

2: Click the WPEP icon in the editor bar and click Assessment Embed from the drop-down.

3: The WPEP visual shortcode builder will open. Choose the assessment you’d like to embed from the drop-down, optionally modify the wrapper options and click Use Shortcode.

4: The shortcode will be inserted in the editor and you can continue building your page!

The Assessment Embed shortcode is also available from WPEP -> All Assessments.

NOTE: Using this Shortcode enables you to embed assessments into WPEP Learner Profiles as well now.

To know more about WPEP’s Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

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