How to use the Content Stream

With the Personalized Learning Module, you can create a Content Stream to be displayed in your student’s profile where they can see the stream of dripped content they are going through (what they have already completed, what they have for the day and what is coming in the future)!

To set it up, follow these steps:

1. In the /wp-admin/ area of your WordPress site, go to WPEP -> Personalize Learning.

2. Create a Learning Channel using the Add Learning Channel button.

3. Give your Learning Channel a name.

4. Scroll down to Content Stream Manager and switch the status to Active.

5. Click Add New to start adding content.

6. For each item you add, you will have the opportunity to add content (it can be any content type – a video, a PDF file, a course, an offer, etc.) and the delivery time (instant or after a selected period of time).

7. Add as many items as you’d like to the stream. You can also drag and drop them to change the order.

8. In the sidebar on the right side, you can specify the access rules. This will determine who will be able to see the stream.

  • You can choose to have manual access (you manually select the participants who will have access to the channel), automatic (choose a membership(s) that will have access to the channel) or open (everybody can have access to the channel).
  • You can also choose a conversation type (1:1 or group)

9. When you’re ready,¬†click Publish.

This what it will look like in the Student Profile:


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