How to Use the ThriveCart Basic Identifier Mode

If you already have multiple identifiers set up in your WPEP courses, making this change will cause them to disappear.

When you set up your WPEP + ThriveCart Integration, it allows you to sell your WPEP courses using ThriveCart as your payment gateway. With the integration setup, you can add as many ThriveCart Purchase Identifiers to a WPEP course as you’d like.

However, in the event of a plugin conflict, that won’t work well. To solve this, you can use the ThriveCart Basic Identifier Mode.

To set it up, follow these steps:

1. In your wp-admin dashboard go to WPEP -> Settings.

2. Select Sales Engine under AddOns Settings.

3. Click Payment Gateway Settings in the top bar.

4. Scroll down to ThriveCart Integration and you will see the Identifier Type field. Switch it to Simple – One Identifier per Connection.

You are all set!

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