How to use WPEP Search Widget in Right Hand Column

WPEP enables you to easily create and publish Courses, Ebooks, Videos and Offers and it comes with very powerful, versatile and dedicated Content Search features.

Adding the Content Search facilities  to your eLearning Platform enables your Users to Search your Content for the material they specifically need.

There are two approaches you can take that, together allow content search of your Library, including WPEP content titles, section titles, course titles, lesson content and section content, to be placed anywhere on your WP site, allowing for both full and partial search terms. The first approach to Content Search implementation, using a shortcode, is detailed here.   [links to Widget page]

    1. The Content Search Widget, implementation of which is outlined in this article, and; 
    2. The Content Search Bar Short Code, implementation of which is outlined in a separate article.

As an introduction to the guide of implementing the Content Search Bar using the shortcode, are the steps to creating a search facility you know your students will enjoy, which is recommended reading. [link to shortcode page]

Implementing Content Search Bar Using the WPEP Search Widget.

The WPEP Search Widget enables you to add a WPEP Content Search bar to any Right-Hand Column on your eLearning Platform.

It was specifically built to enable you and anyone else to search WPEP content titles, section titles, course titles, lesson content, and section content.

It allows for partial search terms as well, which you can enable in the WPEP Settings.

Once activated, it will only search titles, excluding the course content.

How to add a WPEP Content Search bar using the Search Widget.

1.: Go to Appearance → Widgets

2.: Drag the WPEP Search Widget into any Sidebar on your WordPress site.

3.: Choose the WPEP Content Type you’d like to create a search bar for.

4.: Edit the Widget title as needed.

5.: When ready, click Save.

REMEMBER: You can limit the search to search through specific Categories only.

You now have the Content Search facility placed in any right hand column of your choice.

If you wish to show a Content Search Bar in pages or posts, please embed using a shortcode.

NOTE: If your WPEP Content Search is slow, activate this to resolve speed issues which are always due to Low-Quality Hostings.

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