In-depth Assessments Statistics Overview and Report Download

You can access your platform’s statistics going to WPEP -> Statistics.

Assessments will show you a list of all assessments you’ve created, as well as statistics on them. You can access the Assessments statistics under the Content Types tab.

  • Name shows the name of each assessment you’ve created.
  • Students Pending will show you how many students still need to take that assessment, but haven’t started it yet.
  • Students Pending Review will show you how many students have taken the assessment and it is now pending review.
  • Students Completed will show how many students have successfully completed the assessment.
  • Students Failed will show how many students failed the assessment.
  • Total Submissions will show you how many times in total that assessment has been submitted.
  • Average Score will show you the average score obtained by your students on that assessment.
  • Download button allows you to download a csv file with the report’s data.
  • View Submissions button allows you to see a list of users who have submitted that assessment, as well as their statistics.

Clicking the View Submissions button will open an additional report showing you the users who have submitted that assessment, their status, score, correct answers, wrong answers, date started, and date completed.

This report can also be downloaded as a CSV file using the Download button. Clicking View Report will open a page with the assessment’s details.

You can use the navigation tabs at the top to go back to the previous assessment settings page or back to the assessment list.

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