One-Click Data Export of Individual or Multiple Content and Course Types

If you’d like to back up or migrate a single course or a set of courses but not your entire platform or save a course’s content to use later you can now export individual courses or groups of courses without having to do a full back up.

Navigate to WPEP -> All Courses and select the course or courses you’d like to export.

Then click Bulk Actions and choose Export as ZIP from the drop-down. Click Apply.

This will download a ZIP file with the content of the selected courses.

Please note that user data and course progress will not be exported. Only the course content will be exported.

(To export user data and course progress you can download detailed reports under WPEP >> Statistics.)

You can then use this file to import this content back into your platform or to import it to a different platform using the Platform Health tab. You can import this data following these steps:

1. Go to your /wp-admin/ dashboard.

2. Hover over WPEP and go to Platform Health.

3. Click the Data Systems tab.

4. In the Import WPEP Backup section, click Start.

5. Upload the file you exported and click Start Import.

6. When you see the green success message, you are all set!

You’re all set!

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