I see that I can sell individual trainings online as well as membership packages for individual users with WPEP. I’m also in need of the ability to sell memberships to companies. These memberships would give a company multiple user accounts and access to content. How can I achieve this with WPEP?

You can accomplish this with WPEP very easily.

My advice for you: choose a membership plugin that enables you to create multiple user accounts and access to content.

Then use WPEP to display your Courses and Content.

That’s it!

Look at Membership solutions such as Memberium –> https://memberium.com/umbrella-accounts-now-available-memberium-pro-advanced-users/

Even Membermouse and MemberPress have this solution —> check their documentation to confirm.

Research using these Keywords here: “Umbrella Accounts”, “Sub-Accounts”, “Parent/Child” add-on, “Group Accounts”, “Team Accounts” or “Corporate Accounts”.

Then your basic tech stack would be:

WPEP + Membership Plugin + WPEP Membership Plugin Integration Addon

Check our Deep Integration Addons here.

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