WPEP Visual Shortcode Builder

The WPEP ShortCode Builder allows you to customize the default WPEP Layout Settings when using the WPEP shortcodes in different parts of your platform.

To open the shortcode builder, navigate to the course or page you would like to edit and click the WPEP icon in the editor.

From the drop-down that will appear, choose the shortcode you’d like to use (for example, course embed). This will open the shortcode builder.

Universal Shortcode Builder Options

Regardless of which shortcode you are using, the Wrapper Options will be present in the builder. These are the settings that allow you to change your WPEP layout.

  • Width, this is the maximum width the WPEP Content is allowed to have.
  • Background Color, this is a great option if you want to embed something on a page that has a different background color.
  • Padding, this option will help you control the space around the WPEP content.
  • Box Shadow, depending on your theme, you may want a box shadow around the WPEP content, or there’s an option to remove it, depending on the Theme / UI you’re using for WPEP.
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