Training renewal? In many cases, the training we provide needs to be retaken on a regular basis. Will WPEP allow me to automate the notification reminders to users of an upcoming training that needs to be retaken or certifications that are soon to expire?

There are two main ways this can be achieved.

The first approach is more advanced. The second approach is very simple.

Way 1:

You can create a tag, course_completed for example, and use either Active Campaign, or Aweber to create the follow up based on the learner behavior.

You can also use Memberium + the WPEP Memberium Integration Addon and achieve this through tags.

Our integrations will allow you to set tags in a number of places in WPEP.

Check here:

Active Campaign Integration.

Aweber Integration. Integration.

Memberium Integration.

Works also with Klick-Tipp.

Through the WPEP statistics, you can then have a clear overview and confirmation and check how many times they retook a course, how long they took etc.

Way 2:

You can also let your student/learner/employee take control over this process and communicate to them that they need to retake the course X number of times and with Y regularity, then use the stats to keep track of it.

To achieve this, simply enable Progress Repeat in the course in question. You can enable this option in the course’s sidebar, under General Options. It is disabled by default.

This option adds a Progress Repeat History at the bottom of each course and your learners can reset their progress with one single click and retake the same course over and over again.

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