WPEP SCORM Integration Addon Setup Guide

Step 1.:

After installing the WPEP SCORM Integration Addon, go to WPEP Settings —> Addon Settings —> Scorm Integration.

Step 2.:

Login to your SCORM account and retrieve your API details. Enter your App ID and Secret Key into the WPEP Scorm integration Addon API Settings.

NOTE: You can get your Score APP ID and Secret Key by going to APPS/API on https://cloud.scorm.com/

Step 3.:

Enter your default library URL that points to your WPEP Index Page. Your default library URL is the location where you host your Course Library on your website.

Step 4.:

Advanced Options – You only want to configure these options if you are hosting your content on your own SCORM server.

Step 5.: Click Save Changes

How to use the Scorm Integration Addon

Step 1.:

Upload your SCORM Course zip file by choosing the file from your Desktop then press continue.

After the upload is complete, your SCORM will be listed in the Course List below and will be saved as a draft by default.

Step 2.:

You can now edit your SCORM Course and access all the SCORM Course Properties on one single page without going to your Scorm Account.

You can find a complete list of all the SCORM Course properties here: https://scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud/course-properties/

Scorm Courses behave like any other WPEP Content Type.


* Adds the Scorm Course Content Type, that works and behaves like any other WPEP course.

* Is Compatible with the WPEP Content Sales Engine and all WPEP 3rd party Membership integrations (Memberium, Wishlist Member, S2 Member, MemberPress, Membermouse, Digimember & Instamember —> installation of the WPEP integration Addon is mandatory when using any of these 3rd party integration addons to drive your Membership)

* Compatibility with AWS Hosted Scorm Content

* Compatibility with WPEP Certifications 1.3.0

* Compatibility with Student Identification Option


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